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Welcome to our link exchange / add a site page. Here, you will find information on adding our link to your site and the procedure for exchanging links with us.

What is is a categorized directory of real estate, related services and their websites. We reduce the time and difficulty it takes a consumer to find the service they are looking for on a geographical basis and webmaster to find other websites to swap links with.

Can I just put as many sites as I want up?
All sites included in have been been reviewed by human editors. It is technically impossible for to become a free for all.

Why go for the free service and exchange a link?
Exchanging links helps both sides in improving the traffic (by increased visibility, and by extra scoring in major search engines counting number of links as an important scoring factor).

Why pay for more links?
A high level of link popularity is a large factor in how well your website will rank in the search engines. search engines like Google factor link popularity heavily when calculating how each site will rank. Not having sufficient link popularity can prohibit a high search engine listing!

What do you need from me and my site

Link Exchange Criteria
  1. Please add our link to your site before submitting your site to us. The link back to our site must be on a page accessible from your homepage (not more than two clicks away) and on the same domain.

    To link to, copy the HTML snippet below and paste it into your web site source code in an appropriate position.

  2. Choose a user level and enter your site information on our Web Site Form.
  3. No sites that are under construction or not yet completed will appear.
  4. No sites with illegal content or encouraging illegal activity.
  5. No sites with multiple popup browsers that never seem to quit.
  6. Pages will not be accepted that have meta refresh tags or other means which exist solely to forward you to another page. This includes doorway and gateway pages.
  7. Don't submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links.
  8. We personally review all sites requesting us to exchange links. If we approve of the placement of our link, you will receive an email confirmation and your link will be added to the directory.
  9. Descriptions should be written in complete sentences, preferably beginning with a noun and ending with a period. Descriptions should NOT include superlatives, such as "largest," "leading" and "comprehensive" and promotional language or business information such as addresses or phone numbers. Save this information and language for your web site. Our editors will remove such language.
  10. Your description will be reviewed, as all listings are, by our editors for stylistic compliance with our editorial guidelines and some changes or modifications may be made.
  11. We reserve the right to reject any site submitted to us for inclusion or remove any site included in our resource pages.